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Andrew Vargas

Graduate Instructor

Major Field

Twentieth-Century U.S. History

Minor Fields

Nineteenth-Century U.S. History, Public History, World History


Elizabeth Fones-Wolf

Jessica Wilkerson

Research Interests

Mr. Vargas is broadly interested in the Cold War, American popular culture, and the role of politics in society. His research primarily focuses on depictions of “the executive” (ie. The President) in popular culture. Using popular film as a lens, Mr. Vargas has sought to understand the complex ways in which the public interacted with and understood the role of executive authority in their everyday lives. Moreover, he has tried to illustrate how this relationship changed relative to external social and political stressors.

More recently, Mr. Vargas has applied this basic interest to other prominent fields in twentieth century history; particularly Urban, Economic, and Political History. His research now focuses on the factors (economic, socio-cultural, and political) that contribute to changing understandings of executive authority and popular expectations of the executive office.

Courses Taught 

  • HIST152: Growth of the American Nation to 1865