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Nerissa Aksamit

Ph.D. Candidate

Courses Taught

HIST 101, HIST 102, WGST 170

Major Field

Modern Europe

Other Fields

Holocaust Studies, Gender Studies, Public History


Katherine Aaslestad

Research Interests

Aksamit’s major field of study is Modern Europe with an emphasis on twentieth-century war and society, humanitarianism, and human rights. She has complimented this field with studies in Britain and Empire, women and gender, and Public History. Her dissertation project is an investigation of the role played by two British voluntary organizations, the Friends Ambulance Unit and the Friends Relief Service, in relief efforts during and after the Second World War. She is focused on the ways in which the two organizations trained and prepared for the perceived refugee crisis that would follow the end of the war. Research has taken Aksamit to the Imperial War Museum and the Friends Library in London, the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland, and the Hamburg Staatsarchiv in Germany.