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Morgan McMinn

Ph.D. Student

Courses Taught:
  • HIST 102: Western Civilization since 1600

Major Field
Medieval Europe

Other Fields: 
Early Modern Europe, World History, Britain and the Empire

Dr. Kate Staples

Research Interests:
Miss McMinn's major field of study is medieval Europe with an interest in material culture, gender theory, and religious history in late medieval England. She presented research on material culture in the Court of Chancery where she analyzed a payment dispute over a piece of saye cloth that she concluded was being used as a contract by the people involved, even though they viewed the contract differently. For her senior capstone Miss McMinn researched the representation of monks and nuns in monastic visitation records, ultimately arguing that they were being treated differently by the episcopal administration on the basis of their gender. She also has a minor interest in Digital Humanities and how distant reading methods can challenge or support traditional Humanities research.