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Lindsey McNellis

Ph.D. Candidate

Personal Website

Classes Taught

HIST101 – Western Civilizations

HIST102- Western Civilizations II

HIST179 - World History I

HIST203 - Introduction to Medieval Europe

Major Field

Late medieval/early modern Europe

Other Fields

Legal history, gender, violence, England


Dr. Kate Staples

Research Interests

My Master’s thesis focused on sexual violence in the Middle Ages, specifically in England.  I examined cases of rape brought before local courts and assessed motivations behind the charges and desired outcomes of the cases.  Using these criteria, I then reconstructed concepts of successful rape prosecutions from the perspective of the medieval accuser.

For my dissertation, I examine concepts of injury and violence as represented by plaintiffs and defendants in fifteenth-century civil litigation filed with the Court of Common Pleas in England.  I am interested in understanding not only how violence and injury were understood, but also in how gender, class, and occupation affected people’s suits and experiences within the Court of Common Pleas.