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Cassie Auble

Ph.D. Candidate

Courses Taught

HIST 101: Western Civilization to 1600
HIST 179: World History to 1500
History 180: World History since 1500
History 203: Introduction to Medieval Europe

Major Field

Late Medieval/Early Modern Britain

Other Fields

Early Modern Europe, Modern Britain, World History


Kate Staples 

Research Interests

Ms. Auble's dissertation examines the role of jewelry in early modern political contexts, specifically in diplomacy, political discourse, credit relations, and gift exchange. She focuses on the exchanges of jewelry made during the Tudor and early Stuart periods (1485-1625) and explores how contemporaries utilized jewelry in political settings as a way to construct meaning, represent themselves, and negotiate personal and political relationships. While there is a robust literature on the general practices of gift exchange, her research illuminates the specific role of the jewel-gift within diplomatic practice in early modern Europe.