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Betsy Morgan-Cutright

Ph.D. Student, Graduate Instructor

Major Field

Late Medieval England/Early Modern Britain

Other Fields

Early Modern Europe, Modern Britain, Early Frontier Appalachia


Kate Staples

Dissertation/Thesis Title

“The Margins of Myddle: Poverty and Community in a Shropshire Parish, c.1601-1798”

Research Interests

As a self-employed genealogist and Ph.D. candidate in History, Ms. Morgan-Cutright's primary research interests revolve around family history, community, and English parish life. Her current project, a dissertation entitled “The Margins of Myddle: Poverty and Community in a Shropshire Parish, c.1601-1798,” approaches these concepts through the related issues of poverty and belonging. The primary research question of this local study of poor law administration in the Shropshire parish of Myddle asks how notions of community and belonging within the institution of the rural English parish were affected by poor law administration during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Her study, which relies on parochial records in addition to The History of Myddle, a work of local history written by local historian, antiquarian, and Myddle resident Richard Gough, additionally considers ideas about morality and respectability. Crucially, it also explores the gendered nature of poverty and in the process brings fresh understanding to what is one of the best-documented English rural communities of the early modern period.