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Alex Burns

Ph.D. Candidate

Major Field

Modern Europe, Colonial America 

Other Fields

British Empire, 19th Century U.S.


Katherine AaslestadTyler Boulware

Research Interests

Mr. Burns' research focuses on British and northern German soldiers in a global context during the 18th and 19th centuries. His dissertation is entitled, "'The Entire Army Says Hello': Ideologies and Local Identities in European Armies, 1740-1815". This dissertation examines the ways in which soldiers' identities and loyalties were transitioning during this pivotal era of conflict. His M.A. Thesis at Ball State University examined similar questions among the Hessian troops who fought in the American War of Independence. 

At West Virginia University, Alex has taught a number of courses, including Modern Military History (HIST-210) and both halves of United States History (HIST-152/HIST-153). During the 2014-2015 academic year, he was employed by Indiana Wesleyan University and taught World History, Historiography, and Western History to 1600.  He has published several articles in theJournal of the Seven Years War Association, entries in the SAGE Encyclopedia of Social Science and War, and contributed to the online textbook, American Yawp.