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Marc Sanko

Ph.D. Candidate

Major Field

20th Century U.S. Immigration and Ethnic History

Other Fields

British Imperial History, U.S. Diplomatic History, Public History

Classes Taught
HIST 152: Growth of the American Nation to 1865
HIST 153: The Making of Modern America: U.S. since 1865
HIST 261: Recent America, the US Since 1918
HIST 276: 20th Century American Foreign Relations


Ken Fones-Wolf

Research Interests

Mr. Sanko’s dissertation explores how Maltese labor, destined for emigration, leveraged status and identity within the British Empire to gain access to migration quotas and stable employment in North America. As these migrants settled in Detroit and Toronto in the mid-20th Century, they had to navigate the North American political, economic, and social landscape. How they did so successfully opens a window on the influence of Foreign Policy and identity when nations create immigration law. He has spent seven years working with the Maltese community in Detroit to create a digital presence including community website and digital archive. Currently, he is involved as a historical consultant for a documentary film project exploring the connections between Maltese migrants in North America and their ancestral home. Mr. Sanko has a forthcoming publication, “The Gift of Empire: Maltese Migrants to Detroit, 1919-1924,” in the Michigan Historical Review