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Bright Alozie

Ph.D. Student

Major Field of study:            

African Political and Colonial History

Minor Fields of Study:         

War and Memory, Africana History, Historiography and Sources


Joseph Hodge

Research Statement:

My PhD research is borne out of the desire to reconstruct the colonial history of Southeastern Nigeria with particular emphasis on that African society’s encounter and negotiations with colonialism from 1892 to 1960. The study focuses on a collection of over 1000 petitions, letters, supplications, and even personal diaries, written during the colonial period in Southeastern Nigeria. These primary documents were collected at the National Archives in Nigeria.  By studying these petitions, the study sets to redefine and re-evaluate the colonial encounter especially in relation to the interactions and dialogues between British colonial officials and the Africans. More so, personal encounters and feelings which were not often expressed publicly by the colonized subjects will be brought to light and interpreted to understand the somewhat silent voices of the colonized peoples in Southeastern Nigeria. Their specific challenges and responses are also reflected in these documents as their impact on the colonial society will be revealed also. Despite being primarily focused on the colonized subjects of Southeastern Nigeria, the research sets out to also examine responses of the British officials and Her Britannic Majesty to the petitions of their subjects. By drawing from a range of primary materials often overlooked by traditional historians, it is hoped that this study will be significant in providing scholars of African history with an invaluable source of information about the encounters and relations of colonial society in Britain’s most important West African colony.

Further Comments: I am open to active and critical engagements in research and scholarship pertaining to the development of African and Africana studies in particular or history in general.