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Financial Assistance

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

The Department supports a number of Graduate Teaching Assistantships, the stipend for which in 2016-2017 $15,800.00 plus a University tuition waiver. Normally, Graduate Teaching Assistantships are awarded to incoming doctoral students, and are renewable upon satisfactory performance for three years. All Ph.D. students accepted into the program will be automatically considered for an Assistantship, and do not need to apply separately for one. Occasionally, an outstanding M.A. student may be considered for a one semester or one year, non-renewable Assistantship, if one becomes available. The History department also often hires students in their fifth and possibly sixth year as lecturers. Appointment as a lecturer is dependent upon a student’s academic progress, teaching effectiveness, and availability of department funds. Students are not funded beyond six years.

The Department of History also offers the following awards for graduate students entering the M.A. program. Students applying to any of the three M.A. programs in history will be automatically considered for these awards and do not need to apply separately. Each award carries with it a full university tuition waiver (nine credit hours per semester) for the first year of study and a partial tuition waiver (six credit hours per semester) for the second year.

Ruth Regina Hale Canaga Awards

Awarded to two outstanding female graduate students in American history and/or public history. Awards are usually given to entering M.A. graduate students for one year, plus a nomination for a university tuition waiver usually for two years.

Dennis H. O’Brien Graduate Student Award

Awarded to two outstanding graduate students focusing on European history. Normally awarded to entering graduate students, but may be given to currently enrolled graduate students with financial need.

Anna Traubert Graduate Fellowship

The fellowship is given to an entering graduate student with the highest grade point average in history. 

In addition, the Department of History nominates the most promising graduate students applying to the Ph.D. program in history for competitive University fellowships.