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Dr. Blobaum publishes new book

Dr. Robert Blobaum brought in the new year with a book publication. His book, "A Minor Apocalypse: Warsaw during First World War" (Cornell Press, 2017), is the first history of Warsaw in World War I to appear in English. 

From the cover: "In A Minor Apocalypse, Robert Blobaum explores the social and cultural history of Warsaw's "forgotten war" of 1914–1918. Beginning with the bank panic that accompanied the outbreak of the Great War, Blobaum guides his readers through spy scares, bombardments, mass migratory movements, and the Russian evacuation of 1915. Industrial collapse marked only the opening phase of Warsaw’s wartime economic crisis, which grew steadily worse during the German occupation. Requisitioning and strict control of supplies entering the city resulted in scarcity amid growing corruption, rapidly declining living standards, and major public health emergencies." 
Link to Cornell Press for more information: book