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Alumna Nicole Young used Fulbright to learn in Malaysia

Nicole Young graduated May 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Sport and Exercise Psychology with minors in History and Africana Studies. She received a Fulbright ETA to learn, grow, and teach in Malaysia.

The time she spent in Malaysia caused her to pivot in her career from academia towards global development. She said, "My experience working with Malaysian students and developing programs and curriculum that best suited their needs and interests made me realize how much I enjoy more grassroots, hands on work." She is grateful this experience revealed her passions for activism, teaching, advocacy and entrepreneurship.

Young found that her work in the History Department prepared her more than she realized while doing coursework. She is especially thankful to Dr. Krystal D. Frazier for the wisdom, knowledge, and support provided throughout her academic journey. She said:

  My ability to think deeply and critically was strengthened in the classes I   participated in through the history department.  I understood the role in   learning a countries history in order to understand and appreciate   developments in culture and tradition.  The classes I took through the   History department also gave me a solid foundation in my own history and   of the African Diaspora as a whole.  This gave me the tools I needed to   teach others about a huge portion of American history of which many Asian   people are sadly ignorant. My experience having to share this history and   the things that I learned about American history, gave me a pride and   strength in my own identity that I never expected to get out of this   experience.

After coming back last fall, Young hopes to continue working in the non-profit sector with a start-up she joined after returning. She also believes that traveling needs be a priority and intends to live abroad again.