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Study Abroad


By studying abroad, you will walk in the footsteps of famous historical figures and experience diverse cultures. You will expose yourself to new perspectives and ways of life. You will explore breathtaking museums to see firsthand the material culture of societies you studied in the classroom. You will have access to historical records and archival collections. 

Imagine spending the summer in Italy, where you can walk among the ruins of ancient Rome, spending spring break in Eastern Europe learning about the region’s history, religion and culture or studying for a semester at the University of Cardiff in Wales. Our students have studied abroad in many other countries, including Turkey, Germany, England, South Africa and Australia.

There are a variety of study abroad programs with Global Affairs and the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics


For the exchange program with University of Cardiff, Wales, contact Dr. Kate Staples

For summer study abroad program in Italy, contact Dr. Matt Vester.

For the spring break trip to Eastern Europe, contact Dr. Robert Blobaum.

For the Amizade spring trip to Bolivia, contact either Dr. Michele McArdle Stephens or Dr. James Siekmeier

Lauren Griffen