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Internships and Careers

WVU Career Services Center
The WVU Career Services Center will help you plan your career by understanding what is required to land your dream job and live a personally and professionally fulfilling life. Services include resume and cover letter review, career fairs and other events, mock interviews, personal and professional assessments, career counseling and more.

Student Job Listings  

U.S. Government Jobs
The federal government has a website catering to students who are eligible for entry-level federal jobs.

Public History Employment
This website provides links to careers in public history.

U.S. State Department 
This website describes programs for students at the U.S. State Department.

The ASPIRE Office at WVU 
This website will help WVU students find out about nationally competitive scholarships.

International Jobs Guide
This file provides information for students interested in international jobs in the government.

Careers with the United States government for history majors  
The following files provide a summary of how history majors can position themselves to get internships and jobs with the U.S. government.

Newsweek - Federal Jobs
This Newsweek article describes federal government efforts to recruit young people.

Internship Guide
This guide was prepared by the School of Public Administration.

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars  
The Washington Center is the largest internship program in Washington. It provides paid and unpaid internships for academic credit to undergraduates and graduate students. Program Listing

The Washington Center also has a program for students who are graduating but would like to complete an internship:  Postgraduate Professional Development Program  and  Presidential Management Fellow Program . For graduates students (master’s or doctoral) who would like to pursue a career with the federal government, the Presidential Management Fellows Program puts them on the fast track. After completing the program in two years, students will have risen from a GS-9 level to a GS-12 level. For more information, visit the Federal Office of Personnel Management.