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Undergraduate Program

"The department really pushed me to think and write critically as a historian, supported and encouraged me at every turn, and demonstrated ways of reaching average students and people that I use daily in the field." Elizabeth Parnizca (BA, 2011)

What if there were a way to tell the story of why we are the way we are? To study human behavior as if in a lab with unlimited evidence? To preserve what makes us unique and understand what keeps us going? 

History helps us discover new meaning in the past, present and future. Our students learn the best practices of historical research while developing the skills for a successful career: thinking critically, communicating effectively and tackling complex problems. Our majors excel in careers in politics, the legal profession, business and marketing, human resources, information and library sciences, law enforcement, journalism, public relations, intelligence or security analysis, sales and recruitment, education and more.

West Virginian and Appalachian history is a strength of our department. Our faculty also specialize in a diverse range of historical time periods, teaching courses in everything from ancient Greece to modern-day Africa. Members of our faculty have won the Mellon Fellowship, a National Science Foundation Law and Social Sciences Grant and the Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome. Their lectures have aired on C-SPAN or become the basis for award-winning books. With faculty guidance, our students begin their own work as researchers, working in local or national archives to make their own discoveries. 

history classroom

With dedicated professors who want to mentor you, a diverse offering of courses, and opportunities for independent research, history majors are equipped to go far.