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Recent Dissertations

Betsy Morgan-Cutright, "The Margins of Middle: Poverty and Community in a Shropshire Parish, c. 1601-1800," (Kate Staples, chair)

Kiva Makhete Fall, “Early Political Discord in Kenya: European Settlers’ Political Struggles in East Africa Protectorate, 1902-1912,” (Robert Maxon, chair)

Kenneth Kolander, “Walking out of Step: U. S.-Israeli Relations and the Peace Process, 1963-1975,” (James Siekmeier, chair)

Gregory Michna, “A Communion of Churches: Indian Christians, English Ministers, and Congregations in New England, 1600-1775,” (Tyler Boulware, chair)

Nilanjana Paul, “Muslim Education and Communal Conflict in Colonial Bengal: British Policies and Muslim Responses from 1854 to 1947,” (Mark Tauger and Joseph Hodge, co-chairs)

Alec Upward, “Ordinary Sailors: The French Navy, Vichy, and the Second World War,” (Robert Blobaum, chair)

Adam Zucconi, “Bound Together: Slavery and Democracy in Antebellum Northwestern Virginia,” (Jason Phillips, chair)

Isaac Emrick, “Maopewa iati bi: Takai Toñqyayuñ Monyton: ‘To abandon so beautiful a Dwelling,’: Indians in the Kanawha-New River Valley, 1500-1755,” (Tyler Boulware, chair)

Joshua Esposito, “Institutional Decolonization: The Internationalization of the Conflict over Organized Labor in British Guiana, 1948-1961,” (James Siekmeier, chair)

William Feeney, “Manifestations of the Maimed: The Perception of Wounded Soldiers in the Civil War North,” (Jason Phillips, chair) 

Jordan Lieser, “Ethnic Diplomacy: Race, the United States, and Mexico during World War II,” (James Siekmeier, chair)

Joseph Rizzo, “What Shadows We Pursue: Death, Democracy, and Disunion in Antebellum America,” (Brian Luskey, chair)

James Smith, “Cultivating Intelligent Consumption: The United States Food Administration and Food Control during World War I,” (Elizabeth Fones-Wolf and James Siekmeier, co-chairs)

Brandon Williams, “The Cold Culture Wars: The Fight for Democratic Education in Postwar New York,” (Elizabeth Fones-Wolf, chair)

Fabio Capano, “Between the Local and the National: The Free Territory of Trieste, ‘Italianità,’ and the Politics of Identityy from the Second World War to the Osimo Treaty (Joshua Arthurs and Robert Blobaum, co-chairs)

Nicholas Githuku, “Mau Mau Crucible of War: Statehood, National Identity, and Politics in Postcolonial Kenya,” (Robert Maxon, chair)

William Hal Gorby, “Saints, Sinners, and Socialists on the Southside: Catholic Immigrant Workers, Politics, and Culture in Wheeling, West Virginia, 1890-1930,” (Ken Fones-Wolf, chair)

Ashley Whitehead Luskey, “‘A Debt of Honor’: Elite Women’s Rituals of Cultural Authority in the Confederate Capital,” (Jason Phillips, chair)

James Blake Perkins, “Dynamics of Defiance: Government Power and Rural Resistance in the Arkansas Ozarks,” (Ken Fones-Wolf, chair)

Jason Roberts, “The Anti-Imperialist Empire: Soviet Nationality Policies under Brezhnev,” (Mark Tauger, chair)

Benjamin Scharff, “‘Busy Mischievious Ffellows’: Imperialist Agency in Pennsylvania during the Seven Years’ War,” (Tyler Boulware, chair)

Joseph Super, “The Rail and the Cross in West Virginia Timber Country: Rethinking Religion in the Appalachian Mountains,” (Ken Fones-Wolf, chair)

Bekeh Utietiang, “Planning Development: International Experts, Agricultural Policy, and the Modernization of Nigeria, 1945-1967,” (Robert Maxon, chair)