WVU in the Andes

Dr. Michele Stephens supports students in Bolvia and Peru

Student Achievements, 2016-2017

Our students and former students have been busy this year! Check out some of the exciting accomplishments of our current undergraduate and graduate students and catch up on the news from our amazing alumni:

Undergraduate Research Skills Program fosters research opportunities

Our department aims to foster research opportunities for everyone, including Undergraduate History Majors. To this end, we developed the Undergraduate Research Skills Program in order to encourage and foster innovative research among our Undergraduate students.  

Dr. Arthurs selected as faculty fellow for his innovative course

In an effort to engage students with the past, Dr. Arthurs has been actively developing courses that take a thematic approach to history. He believes that courses should allow students to think about history in a broader sense.

Sixth annual Holt Lecture provides enriching opportunities for students

“The shot John Wilkes Booth shot at Ford’s Theatre was the first shot in the war to come after, the war on Black freedom and equality…a war we are still fighting today,” Martha Hodes said as a striking final thought in her lecture “Mourning Lincoln: The Assassination and the Aftermath of the Civil War” given at WVU on September 29.