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Mark B. Tauger, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Teaching Fields


Research Interests

Agrarian history: modernization of agriculture in capitalist and other economic systems, interactions between agriculture and the natural environment, mutual dependence between industry and agriculture.

Russian and Soviet history: famines, agriculture, and government policies toward both, environmental history of Eurasia and its significant for other aspects of the region’s history, post-Soviet history of the region.

World History (besides agrarian history): history of religious doubt and atheism, history of globalization and resistance to it.

Courses Offered



AgWorldHistAgriculture in World History, Routledge Press series Themes in World History, 2010.
AgHistGolod, Golodomor, Genotsid?, Dovira Press, Kiev, 2008 


Mark B. Tauger (2015): After the Holodomor: the enduring impact of the great famine on Ukraine, Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity, DOI: 10.1080/00905992.2015.1006476

“Statistical Falsification in the Soviet Union: A Comparative Case Study of Projections, Biases, and Trust.”

“Grain Crisis or Famine? The Ukranian State Commission for Aid to Crop-Failure Victims and the Ukranian Famine of 1928-1929.”