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"The Reformation Matters" Symposium

This symposium will reflect on the long-term intellectual impact of Reformation-era ideas on contemporary forms of knowledge production and current views of the place of the self in society. It features partipants from history, art history, and political scientists to provide an interdisciplinary approach to the Reformation.Ryan Claycomb, Professor of English and Director of WVU Humanities Center, will moderate this event. Participants include:
• Janet Snyder, Art History, Impact of the Reformation on Art, Churches and Iconoclasm
• Matt Vester, History, Catholic response to Luther's reform or Legacy of Reformation
• Katherine Aaslestad, History, Luther across 5 centuries of German History
• Philip Michelbach, Political Science, Luther and Political Thought

This event is part of "The Reformation Matters" series designed explore the impact of the Reformation 500 years later. Co-sponsored by WVU Humanities Center,